POST ON, THESE ARE JUNK.. THAT THEY SOUND GREAT AND ANYTHING I HAD FORMED WRITTEN AFTER THIS KIND OF UPPE CASE REVIEW NEVERTHELESS BETWEEN THESE 6. 5'S AND THE 6X9'S PERTAINING TO THE REAR THEY ONLY KEEP BLOWING AND OF COURSE ITS CONVIENIENTLY FOLLOWING THE 30 DAY GO BACK POLICY.. Excellent Quality for the purchase price.. I have a 2008 Honda Accord Type R Concept and still have not changed the original Honda 6 cd changer & Sat because it is merely so very powerful for an investment system.. their only flaw was the stock speakers.. it was a 6 way system now its an 8 way system.. When I installed the Pyle mid subs crossed over with the satellite tweeters an the rear 6x9 Pyle almost 8 way Rears I was extremely impressed.. the stock system is so powerful that I can practically transform it up to the highest level and i also get absolutely no distortion.. Will pleasure your clit like no other vibrator and the bass is very wealthy, it drops enough bass sounds without an amp.. most people that hear it ask to see the amp.. lol.. and the satellite tweeters combined with the factory just go with all of it.. your going to be happy weather you listen to hip jump and also the symphony..